The 1,000 miles page

One picture as souvenir of every 1,000 miles

October 2012: Due to very high riding activity in 2012 as Head Photographer of Hogsback Chapter UK, I was not able to update this 1,000 miles page. I am very sorry.

Wit 34,567 miles I switched off the engine of my trusted Vivid Black 2010 Road King Classic for the last time in the courtyard of Guildford Harley-Davidson.

ODO: 20,000 miles
Date: 30.10.2011 – 10:10 am
Location: Rykas, meeting for the Spooky ride

ODO: 19,000 miles
Date: 24.9.2011 – 11:10 am
Location: at Caerphilly Castle
GPS: N51 34.522 W3 13.067

ODO: 18,000 miles
Date: 4.9.2011 – 11:10 am
Location: during the return ride from Bernkastel-Kues in Belgium

ODO: 17,000 miles
Date: 20.8.2011 – 10:20 am
Location: at Stonehenge parking, on our way to Cheddar

ODO: 16,000 miles
Date: 10.8.2011 – 16:10 pm
Location: RAF Odiham, next to a Chinook

ODO: 15,000 miles
Date: 16.7.2011 – 12:10 pm
Location: during the ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End

ODO: 14,000 miles
Date: 14.7.2011 – 12:20 pm
Location: on our way north to John O’Groats, near the Angel of the North

ODO: 13,000 miles
Date: 24.6.2011 – 13:10 pm
Location: Ferry Niederheimbach, Rheingau, on my way to
the Magic Bike Ruedesheim HOG Rally


ODO: 12,000 miles
Date: 5.6.2011 – 12:20 pm
Location: Belgium, on our way back to UK from Croatia/Benelux

ODO: 11,000 miles
Date: 1.6.2011 – 13:15 pm
Location: near Schloss Neu-Schwanstein on our way to Huefingen

ODO: 10,000 miles (exactly)
Date: 25.5.2011 – 15:15 pm
Location: Croatia highway, on our way to Biograd

ODO: 9,000 miles
Date: 21.5.2011 – 12:25 pm
Location: Compton Village, UK

ODO: 8,000 miles
Date: 23.4.2011 – 13:15 pm
Location: Ace Cafe London

ODO: 7,000 miles
Date: 27.3.2011 – 11:15 pm
Location: Woodies Longboard Diner
: N50° 49.730′ W0° 12.253′

viewed from space:

ODO: 6,000 miles
Date: 6.11.2010 – 19:15 pm
Location: Bookham Grange Fireworks Club Night The 6,000 mile aniversary is a bit special, with no picture of my Road King, but me being recognised as Chapter Photographer. It took 6 month and 6,000 miles a receive this rocker, it was never a goal, but a very pleasant surprise.

The ride closest to 6.000 miles was the one to Goodwood Racecourse. Here a picture of the Road King with friends at Rykas shortly before leaving

ODO: 5,000 miles
Date: 26.9.2010 – 14:15 pm
Location: Sheffield Park Station is the best point to join the Bluebell Railway. This is situated on the A275 East Grinstead – Lewes main road, about two miles north of its junction with the A272.
GPS: N50° 59.696′ E0° 00.050′

ODO: 4,000 miles
Date: 20.7.2010 – 15:45 pm
Location: In the Eurotunnel on my way back to the UK
GPS: N51° 04.418′ E1° 23.118′

ODO: 3,000 miles
Date: 17.7.2010 – 16:30 am
Location: Lugano, Switzerland, waiting for the start of the HOG parade
GPS: N46° 0.211′ E8° 57.163′

ODO: 2,000 miles
Date: 11.7.2010 – 14:15 pm
Location: Empingham, on my way home from Northfield Farm
GPS: N52° 39.914′ W0° 35.763′

ODO: 1,000 miles
Date: 31.5.2010 – 10:15 am
Location: in front of Guildford Cathedral
GPS: N51° 14.469′   W0° 35.481′

The idea is “borrowed” from Gary France, who in June 2010 started touring the US on a 4 month 15,000 mile ride. I will post here a picture of my Road King Classic close the most recent additional 1,000 miles, including date, location and a view from space.


2 Responses to “The 1,000 miles page”

  1. Hi Rodney, glad you like the blog.
    I would not want to judge between the Road King and Heritage, as I love my Road King and have little experience on a Heritage. The main difference I can see is the rear suspension, the Road King being a Tourer with pneumatic “traditionally” placed shock absorbers, and the Heritage is a Softail, with a shock absorbers hidden under the bike. You should test drive both through some potholes, and let your butt tell you his “view”. Both are heavy and have the same engine, both have saddle bags and a removable windscreen.

  2. Rodney Oliver Says:

    Hello, I am considering the 2011 Road King Classic or the 2011 Heratige Softail Classic. Your site is great. I just sent your link to my brother who is also trying to decide which bike to purchase. I have ridden off and on for many years and sold my last bike about 6 months ago. Do you have any thoughts regarding the comfort or manuverability of the two bikes? Thank’s, Rodney (Great Web Site) Oklahoma

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