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My Road King squeaks like a pig

Posted in DIY, Harley-Davidson with tags , , , on February 13, 2011 by bleiglass

On my Road King, the “Active Exhaust” includes an actuator valve which closes during higher engine loads. The exhaust is closed during acceleration or going up a hill or any other time of “higher engine loads. The only reason I can think for this factory installed castration is to “meet noise regulations.”

It works, it kills the Harley sound. But worse, it squeaks like a pig when the valve opens again.

Check out this 44sec video, you can clearly hear how the deep rumble is put on mute and see the actuator valve working.

Time to change some parts and get rid of this actuator valve.

Do you know of any reason (except to please the law) why not to get a sawzall and cut off the stock exhaust system and to toss it in the closest dumpster?