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How to destroy an anniversary

Posted in 110th Anniversary, Harley-Davidson, Road King with tags , on May 15, 2013 by bleiglass

I accept that I am biased, and very proud of riding a limited edition 110th Anniversary Road King. There are just 1,750 of them worldwide, and my low serial number of 113 shows that I went on a blind date, buying early without having seen the special colours vintage bronze and vintage black in real.

I wrote in previous posts about this, and I never regretted the step.

I also started a special FLHRANV locator on this blog, and a public page on Facebook, trying to collect all the different locations a 2013 FLHRANV landed. By now, and with the help of other owners, I could collate 23 bikes in 7 countries and 3 continents.

As the riding season is in full swing, and I visit frequently rallies in Europe, I could find 2 bikes in St. Tropez HOG Euro Festival 2013. Merci!

On a recent ride, to a dealership south of where I live, no names here, I found another, and while I took pictures of the serial number, a rider approached me, stating proudly that he also has a 2013 FLHRANV, but is presently improving it by changing the colour… WHAT?


I accept that taste is very personal, but changing the colour on a Anniversary limited edition is a crime, it should be made illegal, its what the limitation is all about! Buy a standard Road King and spray it pink, no problem with that, but killing a limited edition anniversary model?


I did not believe him, but after he showed me his creation in the workshop, I was speechless. As I did want to stay polite, I just shut up. There it was, clearly a 110th anniversary Road King, with the beautiful special tank badge and front fender logo. But everything that was once vintage bronze has been repainted in a dull silver metallic. Saddlebags, tank, fenders, no bronze left.


I therefor now officially conclude that there are not 1,750 versions of 2013 FLHRANV, but only 1,749.



Happy New year 2013!

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Always a safe ride, may our path cross…