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The awesome experience of riding to a HOG European Rally

Posted in Uncategorized on July 1, 2015 by bleiglass

I visited many Rallies, and each experience can be segmented into 4 parts:

1 – the journey to the Rally location
2 – the Party at the Rally
3 – the Parade of Harleys
4 – the journey back home

Each episode has its own dynamics, creating evocative sentiments and long lasting memories. The good thing is, if one segment fails to impress, the others are even more memorable, and you can be sure the whole package is always something you never regret to have done, and you never forget.


Living in England, the ride to and from a Rally is often a long one, 3 – 5 days each leg, and after 2 weeks and 3-4,000 miles of scenic roads on your Harley-Davidson, you are already back home. What a adventure. Lugano Switzerland, Biograd Coatia, Cascais Portugal, St Tropez in France, Rome Italy and Puerto Sherry Spain, each with its unique routes, mountain passes and hot plains to cross, and you only knew it was all over when you suddenly entered again the Eurotunnel.


Without HOG’s annual invitation, I would not have visited these places, not tasted so many local food and not made so many new friends. Most of all, I would not have done 50,000 miles on my 110th Anniversary Road King (number 0113 from 1750) from 2013.


Without HOG’s annual invitation, I would not have listened and enjoyed so many bands and artists, travelling back in time with the stars of my youth.

StTrop-6438 JerezDSC_7701

You travel to Rallies with changing variety of friends, in large or small groups, with Chapter friends or others, new members and/or old personal friends.

Each new mixture contributes to the fact that visiting a HOG Rally is never boring, always a new experience, always making new friends or deepening existing friendships.


This is only possible because H.O.G. gives us a random destination we try to reach on our Harley-Davidson, with thousands of other friends from all over Europe. You meet groups early into the journey, or at the destination. You speak their language, or just raise your drink with a smile. Screw it, lets ride.