71ºN – Nordkapp

I am so sorry, I really neglect this blog, but let me quickly report about my second BIG ride of the year 2014, the ride up to Nordkapp. The steep 1000 feet high cliff of North Cape is often (mistakenly) referred to as the northernmost point of Europe, located at 71°10′21″N 25°47′40″E, about 2,102.3 kilometres (1,306.3 mi) from the North Pole. In truth the neighbouring Knivskjellodden point, just to the west actually extends 1,457 metres (4,780 ft) farther to the north.

6 of us planned this 5,000 mile ride also as a challenge, by now raising over £6,000 for our charities. The challenge was the daily distance of ride, we like extremes, and the average was 436 miles over 11 days.  Here our cheat sheet of the ride:

nordkappblog1The photo galleries are split into 4 sections, as was the ride, 4 days getting to the Arctic Circle, 4 days above the arctic circle, and 4 days again south of the Arctic Circle getting home.

Part 1: Denmark and Sweden, with a visit to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

nordkappblog2Day 1 > Dunkerque (F), 113 miles, via (B) & (NL)
Day 2 > Handewitt (D), 669 miles
Day 3 > Nykoping (S), via Copenhagen (DK), 1,228 miles
Day 4 > Umea (S), 1,708 miles

See all photos here: http://hogsbackchapteruk.smugmug.com/2014/71ºN-Nordkapp-Part-1-3-6-Jul/

Part 2: was the northwards crossing of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, riding through and staying one night in Finland, and reaching Nordkapp after over 2,400 miles on Day 6. We had exceptional sunny weather all the way, except for 1 day when heavy fog hit Nordkapp, so our most important picture around the globe and the midnight sun in the background is a bit blurred.







Day 5 > Enontekio (FIN), 2,129 miles
Day 6 > Nordkapp (N), 2,421 milestone

See all photos here: http://hogsbackchapteruk.smugmug.com/2014/71ºN-Nordkapp-Part-2-7-8-Jul/

Part 3 & 4 were the most beautiful and scenic streches of the ride, down the coast of Norway.


Day 7 > Tromso (N), 2,831 miles
Day 8 > Rokland (N), 3,148 miles

See all photos here: http://hogsbackchapteruk.smugmug.com/2014/71ºN-Nordkapp-Part-3-9-10-Jul/

And once through the Artcic Circle southwards, one started to feel the approaching end of a truly epic ride.

Nordkapp 4a


Day 9 > Trondheim (N), 3,573 miles
Day 10 > Oslo (ferry), 3,887 miles
Day 11 > Ladbergen (D), 4,326 miles
Day 12 > back home, 4,802 miles

See all photos here: http://hogsbackchapteruk.smugmug.com/2014/71ºN-Nordkapp-Part-4-11-14/

I will soon post a more detailed report, written by the birthday kid Robin. Turning 60, riding to the Nordkapp was the most urgent thing to get off his Bucket List.

71ºN – Nordkapp


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  1. wow, that was a heck of a ride! Looks like you guys had a great time!

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