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Posted in Uncategorized on January 27, 2014 by bleiglass

If you are tired, take a break. One of the most dangerous “activities’ while riding your motorcycle is nodding off. We all experienced it, the sitting position is suddenly getting uncomfortable, the head gets heavy, the eyes want to close, we are tired. Time for a important lifesaving break!


But what if you actually fall into a few fractions of a second of sleep, how do you actually realise on a motorcycle that you are in mortal danger. You need a urgent WAKE-UP call. I recently saw on TV a report on these dangers, and “devices” to fight a recognised nap, but it focussed on car drivers.


“Nap Alarm is an innovative, potentially lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm. It is worn over the ear and has an electronic position sensor. When your head nods forward, it sounds a loud alarm to instantly wake you and alert your passengers – The Nap Alarm is not only designed for drivers, it is also perfect for people who need to be fully alert while on duty, for example, security guards, machine operators and even students while studying or where concentration is required”

Wearing a helmet makes it difficult to wear a sensor over the ear, but why not glue it on the outside of the helmet? Would be great if Harley-Davidson or other helmet maker come up with integrated Nap-Alarms in their helmets, with an easy on/off switch. I bought one for under £5, here the setup of my test:


And it works, see this short video.

I will not always wear it, but if on a late afternoon I ride into the sinking sun, starting the 400th mile of the day, I will stop and tape it on, two little dots I marked on the helmet show me the right angle I determined earlier. You never know, every little helps!