Time to count: 73,557 shots fired

The days are getting shorter, the weather less comfortable to ride, it is the time of the year to do some housekeeping. Some of you may remember my post of 2 years ago: 24,673 shots in a year, reviewing my then 1 year old D700, comparing it to the D4, and coming to the conclusion: Screw it, lets shoot the ride.


Fast forward 2 years, I checked my shutter release count again, which by now reached


“Dah!” some may say, so lets put it into some context: over the last 3 years, me and my camera took

2,043 photos per month, or 67 per day, or 1 picture every 21 minutes

This is only possible because we live in a digital age. With my older Canon EF or AE1, which used negative film, such amount of photos would have been a very expensive enterprise.


I would have needed 2,043 rolls of ASA400 Fuji or Kodak film, an at todays cost of such a film roll, I would have spend over £8,150 just on the film, and still would not have a single print to show around. Today, with the help of photo sharing platforms like SmugMug, Photobucket, Flickr or Picasa, the results are visible to a wide audience within few hours.


Quantity is not quality, but it helps, specially where I am active most of the time: in event photography. As Head Photographer of my Harley-Davidson Chapter I shot up to 100 events per year, and those Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their riders and pillions never stand still. Seeing or sensing a nice constellation, I usually take 2 or 3 photos in quick succession, and once you have a choice, one shot is always the better one. Less then 30% of all photos taken get “released”, what a waste this would have been in past “film roll” days. Back then, you thought twice before pressing the shutter release button, knowing that you were burning real money. In a active event photography, it would often have been to late.

Only big budget professional photographers, selling their photos for good money, could afford the luxury every keen prosumer can enjoy today.


Feel free to check out my photos taken for Hogsback Chapter in their SmugMug Photo galleries.


One Response to “Time to count: 73,557 shots fired”

  1. Wow! I think I have a lot of photos cluttering up my hard drives and I only take, maybe, 2,000 pictures a year.

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