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Get money for pissing in Germany

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2013 by bleiglass

Yes, your read right, pee in Germany and you get paid. Not everywhere, but on 35 selected service stations on the Autobahn.


First of all you need to know that there are 2 kind of service stations on the German Autobahn, the so called “Rasthof”, and the “Autohof”. “Rast” means break or rest, while Auto… you should get that one. “Hof” means “Courtyard”.


Their main difference is that a “Rasthof” (or sometimes “Raststatt”) is right on the Autobahn and only serves the Autobahn, while the Autohof is outside the Autobahn system. You take a “normal” exit and a few hundred yards ahead there is a huge complex serving cars and trucks.


The toilets of most German “Raststätte” are managed by Sanifair, you pay 70 Cents, and receive 50 Cents voucher for purchases. So you pay for using the loo 20 cents. I think its a fair price, as they are clean and well maintained. Remember to use your voucher, as they are only valid for 1 year.


The problem of the Autohof its its perception, many drivers do not like to leave the Autobahn, they do not know how far away the Autohof is and many still believe its mainly for big trucks. These worries are sometime valid, specially for a older Autohof, but if you see a huge McDonalds or Burger King sign next to a Autohof exit, it often has more then 1 shop and is a better place to rest, with plenty of space. I think the modern Autohof, which has to be by law less then 1km away from the exit, sometimes with its own supermarket, are more convenient for a short break then most Raststätten.

To overcome the reluctance of many car drivers to visit a Autohof, for this summer, 35 of them started a new promotion: you get paid for using their toilet. In them, if you pay 50 cents to use the loo, you get a 70 Cent voucher. To prevent fraudulent use, its limited to 2 per person, and the promotion is offered from 19. June to 11th September.

Happy peeing times…



How to destroy an anniversary

Posted in 110th Anniversary, Harley-Davidson, Road King with tags , on May 15, 2013 by bleiglass

I accept that I am biased, and very proud of riding a limited edition 110th Anniversary Road King. There are just 1,750 of them worldwide, and my low serial number of 113 shows that I went on a blind date, buying early without having seen the special colours vintage bronze and vintage black in real.

I wrote in previous posts about this, and I never regretted the step.

I also started a special FLHRANV locator on this blog, and a public page on Facebook, trying to collect all the different locations a 2013 FLHRANV landed. By now, and with the help of other owners, I could collate 23 bikes in 7 countries and 3 continents.

As the riding season is in full swing, and I visit frequently rallies in Europe, I could find 2 bikes in St. Tropez HOG Euro Festival 2013. Merci!

On a recent ride, to a dealership south of where I live, no names here, I found another, and while I took pictures of the serial number, a rider approached me, stating proudly that he also has a 2013 FLHRANV, but is presently improving it by changing the colour… WHAT?


I accept that taste is very personal, but changing the colour on a Anniversary limited edition is a crime, it should be made illegal, its what the limitation is all about! Buy a standard Road King and spray it pink, no problem with that, but killing a limited edition anniversary model?


I did not believe him, but after he showed me his creation in the workshop, I was speechless. As I did want to stay polite, I just shut up. There it was, clearly a 110th anniversary Road King, with the beautiful special tank badge and front fender logo. But everything that was once vintage bronze has been repainted in a dull silver metallic. Saddlebags, tank, fenders, no bronze left.


I therefor now officially conclude that there are not 1,750 versions of 2013 FLHRANV, but only 1,749.