Using GPS coordinates on your Garmin Zumo 660

The riding season starts, and its time to refresh some GPS knowledge and how best to use your Garmi Zumo 660

Some time ago, I wrote a article about the different formats to express the exact location of a position on our globe. From traditional nautical to modern geotagging, its simple math, though hearing North and West some nostalgia vibrates in the background for the saltwater sailor in me.

You can read the full article here: Understanding the formats 

In a nutshell, I like to use the slightly simplified format, called Decimal Minutes, for several reasons. First, the traditional nautical format is long, with degrees, minutes and seconds, and the “modern” geotags are for me to many numbers in one row. I feel that “Decimal Minutes” can be communicated very efficiently, truncated into 3 sections with max 3 numbers, like : >North51< – >12point< – >314<. Even if your mobile reception is bad, you should easily understand that and note it down without errors.


Also, I like to know that I live 12 minutes (and a bit) north of the 51 degree. The “Decimal degrees” notation is for me a step to far away from tradition and the roots of navigation, and it does not sound very exciting and robotic that I live at 51.20523.

On our Zumo 660, all 3 formats (and many more) work, you can decide as default which one you want to use, all you have to do is being consistent and not mixing up the different formats, otherwise we may never meet again.

Lets have a quick look on how to enter GPS coordinates, its very easy in few steps.


Once you reach the entry screen, you will see the entry format you selected as default. Entry of  numbers is very easy, and to change from W to E, just use the up/down arrows, or simply advance with the forward arrow key.


Now that you enterd all coordinates, press DONE…


If you press GO, navigation will start, but wait: if you want to save your entry for future use, better “Save” it now, before starting to navigate.

Oh, and how to change the FORMAT default? Easy, when you are on the entry screen, press FORMAT, select the current FORMAT, and change it. This however needs to be done just once, for fun have a look how many formats there are. And do not touch Datum WGS 84, I have no idea what then happens…


I hope this helps clarifying some of the issues, and we find each other on our next rides.


4 Responses to “Using GPS coordinates on your Garmin Zumo 660”

  1. peter noble Says:

    can you explain how to retrieve the co ordinates from a stored address please.
    i would like to see the co ordinates expressed on the favourites stored in the listing, as i want to send this info by email to a friend.
    good site. thank you. peter

    • I was also interested in obtaining the co-ordinates of my stored Favourites. Eventually found the answer on the Garmin website:
      To view the coordinates of a saved location on the nuvi 30, 40, 50, 52, 54, 200, 205, 400, 500, 700, 705, 800, 805, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1690, 5000 series, zumo 220, 660, and 665 series devices:
      1.Touch Tools1
      2.Touch Settings
      3.Touch System
      4.Turn ON the GPS Simulator
      5.Touch OK
      6.Hold Back to return to the main menu
      7.Touch Where To?
      8.Touch Favorites
      9.Select a favorite location
      10.Touch Show Map
      11.Touch Set Location
      12.Hold Back to return to the main menu
      13.Touch Tools2
      14.Select Where Am I?

      Here, the coordinates of the saved location will be displayed.

      Found the above very helpful.

  2. very interesting, I have never considered using anything other than address. living on the east coast of the US really does not need anything other than address but now I know how to use this method should I ever need it.

    Do you have a location on updating the HD dearlers list in the system, I have had trouble finding an update?

  3. Alan Kemp Says:

    Morning found your blog this morning – excellent reading. Thank you so much for your explanation on the GPS co-ordinates, this was really helpful. Thanks.

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