Let’s start the engines…

The new season arrive, the ride schedule is published, but before leaving the garage in anger, a short look back at 2012.

For me it was a super active year, missing just a few rides and ending up at the Top of the riders mileage chart of my Chapter. It was not a goal, its a result. My first place with official 18,806 miles was followed by my good friend Robin in 2nd, with 11,512 miles. For all you stalkers out there, here my activity log for 2012:


Click on the image for higher resolution, note that each camera symbol is a event at which I took photos. You can find them in the 146 photo galleries of Hogsback Chapter. For those with less time, here a short movie with Hosgback Best of 2012:

This seems a lot, but my high mileage is also the result of me commuting on a Harley-Davidson. In 2013 there will be no more commuting, and the Sportster 883R has been sold last week. Tears in my eyes for the Sportster, but Phase 3 of my life started, and I have my last day in employment the same day as the pope.

Now the new Road King 110th Anniversary is the master in the garage. Soon the first 1,000 mile service will be done, and its off to new adventures.


I hope to find more time to update this blog, shame on me how little was written in 2012…


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