2013 FLHR-ANV locator

On this page you find the number and location of 2013 Road King 110th Anniversary models, build as limited edition with only 1,750 units worldwide.

Wherever you live on this planet, if you own one please comment and send us a photo of the serial number emblem, together with your country and city.  THANK YOU.

Please share this URL, so we can find as many FLHR-ANV as possible.

0001: Seen in a official HD advertisement photo
0002: Seen in a official HD advertisement photo
0024, NL, Amersfoort
0047, F, seen at HD Lille
0093, F, seen at Pope Blessing in Rome
0110, I, seen at HOG Parade Rome
0113: UK, Guildford – Hogsback Chapter UK – Axel Art Bleiglass (G-HD)
0121, F, from “57 Lorraine, seen at HOG rally St. Tropez
0135, D, Reinheim, Hessen
0150, I, seen at HOG Rally Rome
0191: D, Tuttlingen, send in by Klemens Jenter
0203: A, Wien
0206: A, St Poelten, seen at HOG Rally Rome
0209: D, seen at HOG Rally Rome
0210: F, seen at Opale Shore Rally
0211: D, from EN-Ennepe/Ruhr, seen at Magic Bike 2013
0238: F, seen at HD Lille and again Opale Shore Rally
0253: Austria, send by Wolf Gang
0271: UK, Guildford – seen at G-HD
0283, USA, HD Museum, promotion for HOG membership
0291: D, Hamminkeln – seen at Thunderbike dealership
0292: CH, seen at Moto Weder, Au, St Gallen
0321: Russia, send in by Evgeny
0324: CH, seen at HOG Rome Rally
0340: UK, Guildford – seen at G-HD
0374: UK, Guildford – seen at G-HD
0400: F, from “91 Ile de France, seen at HOG rally St. Tropez
0406: seen at HOG Rally Rome
0421: UK, send in by Sahra at Lakeside Harley-Davidson
0451: F, Toulouse
0479: USA, New Castle, PA, New castle HD
0609: USA, Swanzey, NH
0632: UK, Beeston, Nottingham – Robin Hood HD
0647: UK, Cambridge
0707: USA, Dayton, Ohio – send in by Don Moore
0717: USA, Mason, Ohio – send in by Joe Burger (Powder Keg)
ex 0731: UK, Lewes, seen at Shaw HD, see my article here
0777: USA, Chicago, send in by Paul Van Katwyk
0844: USA, Milwaukee – seen at HOT by Toby Sleeman, GHD Principal
0851: UK, Lewes, seen at Shaw HD with a 1066 Chapter badge
0854: F, seen at Opale Shore Rally
0910: UK, Guildford – seen at G-HD
1046: AU, Brisbane – seen in advert of Morgan and Wacker
1060: CA, Quebec – send in by Regis (Premont HD)
1121: UK, 1066 Chapter
1138: Russia, send in by Evgeny
1248: USA, Newnan, GA, Great South HD
1254: UK, County Durham
1328: F, seen at Opale Shore Rally
1383: USA, Dumfries,Virginia, East Coast HD
1385: USA, Copperas Cove, Texas
1448: USA, Somerset, PA, Highland Harley-Davidson
1449: UK, Guildford – seen at G-HD
1620: USA, Silverdale, WA
1717: I, Malgrate


































0731 lost the right to be called a Limited Anniversary Edition, see post here






















28 Responses to “2013 FLHR-ANV locator”

  1. G. E. Sutton Says:

    Bought 482 on Black Friday 2012

  2. Nr. 110 is mine 😉

  3. Ted Moyes Says:

    Purchased my 2013 Roadking number 0749 on Friday the 13th with 13 miles on the odometer , Ontario Canada.

  4. Bought 1602 April 23rd 2016 in Salisbury, North Carolina USA.. Only had 8500 miles on her.

  5. I own # 1332 and will get you a picture as soon as practical. I got one while there were only 3 left that I could find. As a Business Manager for Harley-Davidson I plan on keeping it for life as they are in such high demand and so very few are for sale on the used market. I live very close to York Pennsylvania where the Anniversary Road Kings were built. It’s got a little over 5000 miles on it and it’s very beautifully accessorized to the point that most people who see it say how nice it looks. I road it on 1 benefit ride and the Organization leader told everyone to go out and look at what a beautiful motorcycle it is. I keep it in an undisclosed and very secure location! The factory paint is of course perfect!! I have the option to use it for advertising purposes and am considering the possibility but most companies request that they use it at Bike Shows at various locations and photo ops for magazines with sexy women laying on it, but that’s just not my idea of having such a masterpiece. I’m surely glad I have one as one of my best friends put it Harley’s never had a more beautiful bike ever built. Thanks for your time, I’m glad I came across your website. Joe

  6. Christopher Reilly Says:

    Just bought 1044 with 897 miles. Boston — USA. Bike is in showroom condition.

  7. I was at Mena Rally in Ras Al Kaimah, UAE from 13 to 17 Jan 2015 and saw No. 11. He is located in Kuwait.

  8. Dave Bavister Says:

    Hi Axel. Sorry it’s taken so long but here is an update on 0632. I bought it from Robin Hood in Beeston in Jan 2013 and part exchanged it at West Coast in Glasgow in May 2014. They have since sold it so its whereabouts are now unknown.


  9. Wolfgang Jaksche Says:

    I have 1061 and I live in Saudi Arabia. I found nothing to send the picture.

  10. Dan Kuraner Says:

    Hello to all,
    I am 609/1750, Dan in Swanzey,NH
    Wouldn’t be great to be able to share pictures and show off our upgrades and modifications ?

    Thanks in advance, Dan

  11. Colin murfitt Says:

    Number 215 in Newmarket england

  12. Garland Garrett Says:

    Purchased my 2013 RK FLHR-ANV 0974 of 1750 on April 30, 2013 in Lake Charles, LA.

  13. Thanks to Evgeny Kuznetsov from Russia for 0321 and 1138

  14. 10 new FLHRANV added: 24 – 135 – 203 – 451 – 609 – 854 – 1328 – 1385 – 1620 – 1717, thanks for your contributions

  15. David Slaise Says:

    David, Copperas Cove TX, # 1385 of 1750

  16. Took delivery of my RK anniversary Nr354 in August

  17. Evgeny Kuznetsov Says:

    Hi, I’m from Russia, though, I leave and ride in Moscow, I bought my Road King in St.Petersburg, Russia. The unique number is 0321.

    Evgeny Kuznetsov
    Moscow, Russia

  18. Dan Kuraner Says:

    I own #609, I live in Swanzey, NH

  19. Took delivery of my FLHR ANV on june 22nd 2013 from the Motor Saloon HD dealership in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
    Production number is 0024.

  20. 1920BSMK1SV Says:

    Just got mine today Number 1254 England, Co Durham

  21. I have bought Number 1060 from Premont Harley Davidson Quebec city, Canada. For the delivery…must wait end of winter…around second week of april.

  22. Don Moore Says:

    Has any one had the left running light blow up?? I know of 3 that have blew out

  23. Joe Burger Sr. Says:

    I purchased 0717 at Powder Keg in Mason, OH.

  24. Dave Bavister Says:

    Hi. I have just bought number 0632 from Robin Hood Harley Davidson in Beeston, Nottingham. I haven’t taken delivery yet so can send a picture will will do by the end of next week. Can’t wait!!

  25. Now 3 of the 1,750 FLHR-ANV (2013) identified

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