Colours of the 2013 Road King 110th Anniversary Edition

Colours? Actually, there is just on scheme: ANNIVERSARY VINTAGE BRONZE with ANNIVERSARY VINTAGE BLACK.

My 2010 Road King Classic has now 33.000 miles, a trusted companion who never let me down, who travelled with me all corners of Europa, from the northerly tip of Scotland, to the far southwest of Portugal and the east in Croatia, come rain or shine. But it may be time to look at the new boy on the block, the 2013 Road King 110th Anniversary Edition.

The key elements of Anniversary Editions are their unique colour scheme and some special badges. I am usually sceptical on anniversary models, as the colour scheme is not always to my taste, and if you change it, gone is the mint “Limited Edition” resale value. For me a Harley can be any colour, as long as it is black, but with age comes tolerance, and the 2013 colours seem really nice and still dark… as far as I can see. But how far can I see?

For the Anniversary Editions there is one colour scheme called: Vintage BRONZE / Vintage BLACK.

The “limited” nature in Anniversary Models is also one of their problems: you have to go on a blind date, you need to trust some hearsay reports and pictures on the web, as the first time you will see the the colours in the flesh is when you take delivery. Too late to turn away in disgust. For the 2013 Road King, just 1,750 units will be build for worldwide distribution, and you need to commit even before it is build, less then 50 may hit UK roads.

In a later post I will discuss other features of this Road King, like the 103 engine, the hard coloured saddlebags and cast contrast chrome wheels. The latter features are usually only sold in the US, in the UK only the Road King Classic with its black leather saddlebags and chrome laced wheels is sold. But for no, lets take a view on the colour.

Black is Black, and Vivid black (my 2010 Road King) or Vintage Black for the 2013 FLHR-ANV should not be too much of a difference. But what on earth is Vintage Bronze?

Accurate Colour reproduction is practically impossible, one can (expensively) calibrate his PC screen so one colour always looks the same, but who has? And then, each pair of eye relates colours differently to individual brains, remember, colour blindness is not rare, and those affected do not see in black and white, but red – brown and green spectrum is often the problematic ones. Bronze lies just in the middle, and if somebody likes the nice green of your new Anniversary bike, he is most likely colour blind.

I took a screenshot of 4 photos, and it is easy to see how Vintage Bonze shows itself in a different light: from bright sunshine to foggy days, it looks very different, only black stays black. I give each picture a name:





Looking at some detailed photos of the tank and front fender, again the colour shows differently, maybe closest to its real appearance:

On feature shows to me in these photos, Vintage Bronze is a metallic colour that will change in different lightnings and angle of view, moving from a reddish in sunshine, through chocolate on a cloudy day, down to a pale dark brown at dawn.

I like it, the deal is agreed, deposit is payed, allocation of one of the 1,750 units confirmed, now I am waiting for my second Road King, the 2013 Road King 110th Anniversary Edition.


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