Et voila, the 2013 CVO Street King

Yes I know, there is no Street King, there is a Street Glide and a Road King. In 2012, a CVO was a Street Glide, and in 2013, it’s a CVO Road King. But is it?

For me, the 2013 CVO Road King looks too much like a Street Glide, rear and front fenders are identical, as well as saddlebags and the beautifully integrated rear lights. The only thing missing to be a Street Glide is the fairing, which is replaced by the Road King typical nacelle, and a new ober-ugly windscreen. But even the passing lights, for me a clear design element of a traditional Road King, are missing.

No, this 2013 CVO Road King is a cross with the 2012 CVO Street Glide, and could easily be called a CVO Street King, because Road Glide is a name used for another animal altogether.


3 Responses to “Et voila, the 2013 CVO Street King”

  1. I bought a 2013 CVO 110th Anniversary Road King. I love my bike and the way it looks… I also bought a quick detach tourpack from the factory, so the bike now has 4 or 5 different looks and configurations. I can post pictures if anyone is interested…

  2. I don’t think you can judge it from a photograph. You are judging a book by its cover. I will reserve my views until I see it in the flesh.

    • I agree, colours have to be seen in daylight, and the coating of the engine will be interesting, but still I think they could have done a bit more, like at least using different wheel design.

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