The icing on the HOG cake

A great HOG seasons ends for me on very high notes. The first one came via Royal Mail, in form of the Winter 2011 HOG magazine. There on page 15 one of my many photographs of the season was printed:

The picture was taken some time back in May, while we visited the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover.

Some days later, the prize arrived, not money, not coupons, but a pin. I think you need to be a keen photographer to enjoy the moment, and I enjoyed it very much.

As if this would not have been enough, I received a heart warming Thank You from my Hogsback Chapter UK during the End of Season Party, in form of a big metal badge, for the photographic work of the last season:

What a ride, I have to say Thank You, as it was great fun for me to share many miles with my fellow members.

Intrigued by the building on the front, I found out that it is the Harley-Davidson offices in Milwaukee, 3700 West Juneau Avenue, USA. Never been there, but riding on Google Street View I took the next left…, and yes, thats the same building.

Have a safe winter.


One Response to “The icing on the HOG cake”

  1. many congratz m8. i have enjoyed viewing your photos thoughout the year
    Merry Xmas
    See yas on the road…………

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