How to stop this EU anti-biking nonsense

French Interior Minister Claude Guéant has failed to endear himself to the biking community. He is pushing draconian anti-biking laws that would insist on automatic jail for speeding, giant number plates, a ban on filtering and compulsory day-glo clothing amongst other ineffectual nonsense.

Further proposals are concerned with criminalising any modifications to factory spec bikes (eg Stage 1), and technology-based control of your bike if it decides you are not riding “correctly”. International responses have already brought many French cities to a halt – including Paris, where bikers demonstrated the impact of a ban on filtering by taking over the entire Periphique via 15,000 carefully spaced bikes.

As MAG’s ROAD magazine (Issue 36) points out, these proposed laws fail to distinguish between reasonable rider choices and the criminalisation of those who do not make them. Criminalisation is especially heinous for practices – like day-glo vests – that (unlike safety belts or airbags) have nothing to do with protecting riders. As the police system of advanced riding (Roadcraft) will tell you, safe riding comes from safe riding. You hand over your safety to other road users and politicians at your peril.

Fortunately you can now do something to help stop this nonsense. MAG member Jon Strong has prepared detailed challenges to the EU’s laziest assertions on bike design, mods and use. He has got the attention of the European Ombudsman and you can help him press the case (as well as reading it) by clicking here and requesting copies of Ref 0875/2011/jf. By actively requesting details, these bureaucrats will realise how big the opposition to their nonsense is.

If you prefer visible action, why not join a protest ride being organised nationally for 25 Sep? See how big this is becoming, further details here. Do either! Do both!



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  1. Says:

    Due to being abroad, I won’t be able to take part in one of the demonstration rides on 25th September, but I have requested the document from the European Ombudsman.

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