Iron Butt ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End

On Saturday, 16 July 2011, I earned my Iron Butt patch by riding with a group of 5 friends from Hogsback Chapter UK from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

The rules were simple: ride the 874 miles within 24 hours.

The whole project was of course much longer, as you had to get to the START line first, and after finishing you had to ride home. The toal of this were 1,902 miles, which we covered in 4 days, leaving on Thursday, and back home on Sunday.

Here some pictures from the trip:

Leaving Thursday from Wisley layby on the A3

Day 1, 09:00 – day mileage: 0mi – total mileage: 0mi

Day 1, 10:45: day mileage: 115mi – total mileage: 115mi

Day 1, 12:20: day mileage: 170mi – total mileage: 170mi

Angel of the North

Day 1, 16:30: day mileage: 315mi – total mileage: 315mi

end of Day 1, 18:15: day mileage: 357mi – total mileage: 357mi

Start of day 2: day mileage: 0mi – total mileage: 357mi

a 5 point stop for the ABC challenge

more ABC points: at Edinburgh Harley-Davidson
Day 2, 10:15 – day mileage: 71mi – total mileage: 428mi

Day 2, 15:45: day mileage: 259mi – total mileage: 617mi

end of Day 2, 18:20: day mileage: 351mi – total mileage: 708mi

START line at John O’Groats

Day 3, 04:15 day mileage: 21mi – total mileage: 730mi

Day 3, 07:30 day mileage: 175mi – total mileage: 884mi

Day 3, 10:15 day mileage: 305mi – total mileage: 1,013mi

Day 3, 12:10 day mileage: 396mi – total mileage: 1,104mi

Day 3, 13:45 day mileage: 483mi – total mileage: 1,191mi

Day 3, 15:55 day mileage: 611mi – total mileage: 1,319mi

Day 3, 18:30 day mileage: 739mi – total mileage: 1,447mi

Arrival at Land’s End, after 17 hours
Day 3, 21:15 day mileage: 895 – total mileage: 1,603mi

+10 more miles on day 3 to our hotel in Penzance

After returning home on Sunday, the total mileage:

A big thank you to our Harley’s, who all took the punishing ride without any signs of weaknesses

My Road King Classic

Robin’s Ultra Classic

Keith Fat Boy

Martin’s Ultra Classic

John’s Street Glide


3 Responses to “Iron Butt ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End”

  1. rfparker Says:

    Looks like a great trip man!

  2. Gary France Says:

    I cannot believe you have 19,000 miles on your Rad King already – Wow! Congratulations for doing the JOG to LE ride, that is a long way in one day. You did look more tired in the photos as the day progressed!

    • Thank you Gary, I must say the ride was great fun. Just to correct, the image shows the “B” counter, with 1,902.6 miles, the total after returning home. The total mileage of the Road King is about 16.000mi now. Having my 15k service tomorrow.

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