Now I know what is better then a Harley-Davidson…

Since over a year now I am riding my Harley-Davidson Road King Classic, I joined the local Hogsback Chapter UK, and developed a new reputation for my photography.

What a year, what a great experience, what a ride. This year will be even better, with ride-outs nearly every weekend, and HOG rallies taking me to distant places like Biograd in Croatia.

And now I finally know what is better then a Harley-Davidson… its two Harley-Davidson’s.

As some of my readers may know, I am commuting since many years using a scooter, first a Yamaha 250 Majesty, presently a Piaggio 400 MP3.

My big Road King Classic is not suitable for a daily ride through the busy, crazy and stressful streets of London during rush hours. It’s a 40 mile roundtrip each day, and I am tired of commuting, and hope that by replacing the Piaggio, which I liked very much, with a Harley-Davidson some fun can be put back to this daily mad routine of mass commuting.

A Harley-Davidson as commuter bike? You do not see many of them in London, scooters rule the roads at 8am in the morning, with speedy 500cc courier bikes from Japanese makers dashing between them. Some venture out on their Ducati or BMW Tourer when the sun is shining, but they get quickly stuck once its conjested.

Here a time lapse video I took some time ago…

(it gets challenging at 2:25 🙂

My head tells me: keep the scooter! But my heart won, and I went on to design my perfect

Harley-Davidson Commuter Bike.

to be continued… read then more about criteria, selection and customisation


4 Responses to “Now I know what is better then a Harley-Davidson…”

  1. Hi Gary, you are right, doesn’t work through camera settings. I am using Final Cut Express as software, here you can specify the duration of a sequence, and it then just drops frames.

  2. Gary France Says:

    I agree with you – riding the Road King doesn’t really work when communting, as it is just a bit too big. Getting the scooter to do that ride is a good idea. How did you make the time lapse with the GoPro? I haven’t worked out how to do that yet – I am guessing you did it with software rather than with the camera?

  3. Thanks, the GoPro was attached to the scooter’s windscreen

  4. Nice video. Where’s the camera mounted? On you bike or on your person?

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