Sorry for my irregularity

Some of you may have realised that the frequency of my posts is less then impressive this season. I must admit, I am distracted, still devoting time to matters around my Road King classic, but unfortunately not finding enough time to write as many blog entries as last year, clearly not as many articles as I would like to write.

But the day has 24 hours, an the week only 7 days, so in trying to find the right balance between my Harley-Davidson centred activities and interests is becoming a challenge.

Adding to this is some positive news I received few days ago from my local HOG Chapter, the Hogsback Chapter UK:

So please forgive me if the frequency of posts in this blog will not reach the levels of last year, but rest assured that I stay committed to my Road King Classic and this blog.


2 Responses to “Sorry for my irregularity”

  1. Gary France Says:

    Congratulations about being made a full committee member! It wasn’t that long ago you were still on a Honda!

    Getting the balance right is tough and finding enough time to write blogposts is a challenge. For me its either write a blog pos or write some more of my book – you can’t do both at the same time, so the blog getting less attention than it needs.

  2. I totally understand! I’m having the same problem with my blog right now. I’m going through a career transition as well as having to take care of my duties with my HOG chapter among other things. I have at least three articles I’ve been meaning to write on my blog, mainly my report on the 70th Annual Daytona Bike Week.

    And congratulations on being made a full officer in your chapter!

    Head Photographer, Atlanta HOG 0788

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