Meeting Gary

After a fantastic week on holidays, allowing me with the help of my son to fix a new garden gate, the big weekend event would be the 2nd Anniversary Open Day of my Harley-Davidson dealership in Guildford.

When I started this blog one year ago, having just bought my first Harley-Davidson, one of the first comments I received was from a guy called Gary France:

The way Gary looked at the Road King and Harley-Davidson, outlining his thoughts and background knowledge in his educative blog,  would help shape my own view. I want however to point out that although we ended up with the same Vance & Hines TurnDown mufflers, this was pure coincidence. But that I use a GoPro camera and the same fixations as Gary is however based on his recommendations, like so many other ideas I “borrowed” from him, the 1000 miles page of this blog for example.

Until this Saturday, I never meet Gary, although I followed his 21.000 miles trip through the USA on a daily basis via his wonderful blog Gary USA Tour. Gary now writes a book about his 5 month adventure, but I still miss the daily online progress reports.

Gary and I exchanged emails, numbers, ideas to meet, it never happened, and we resigned to the hope to meet in distant Croatia at the European HOG Rally there end of May.

Through Gary I discovered many more blogs and interesting people, like Ian Solley, all of whom I never meet, although we call us via Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook: friends!

Ian wrote me, mentioning that he planed to come to the GHD party, and we promised to look out for each other. As my Chapters New Member ride was leaving, all I could do is quickly shake hands with Ian, and tell him: I will be back in 2 hours. But too late, he was already gone when I returned, all I have from him is this blurry GoPro picture:

Ian is the guy on the right with the red/white striped helmet in his hand.

At that time I did not know Gary joined him to Guildford, what a surprise to suddenly meet him in the middle of hundreds of people when we returned from the ride.

How all this came together you better read in Gary’s own words, in his recent blog entry “Meeting Axel“.

All I want to do here is post these few pictures I could take from Gary and his red bike, Tradewinds:

Gary France and Jon Harris

Gary, it was great finally meeting you, I am looking forward to more time with you an Ian in Croatia, and to be able to share a drink or two.

Until then, have a safe ride…

Re-live here on the Hogsback Chapter Photo gallery the Open Day at Guildford Harley Davidson
(click on the beard of Mike Wilson, Guildford Harley-Davidson)


2 Responses to “Meeting Gary”

  1. Gary France Says:

    Hi Axel – Many thanks for the posting, which I saw a few days ago, but I have been laid up for a short while, not feeling very well. I really like your pictures and I saw just how long my hair had got – it must come off! Seriously though, it is not often you see pictures of yourself on a motorbike, so I enjoyed seeing those in particular. It was good that you were able to meet Ian as well, although just for the briefest of moments. I too am looking forward to catching up with you in Croatia and I will take some pictures of you on your bike so return the favour. Cheers. Gary

  2. Axel:

    You are so lucky to have actually met “The Legend Gary”. I considered riding south to meet him but he was too far away. He didn’t come anywhere near Canada. I liked your candid photos, of Gary and of the other bikes too

    Riding the Wet Coast

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