The riding season starts – Goodwood we come

Time flies by, and I realised that I wrote until now just 2 blog entries in March. And next week its already April, a quarter of the year already gone by.

Horrible things happened in Japan, and as some of you may know, my wife is Japanese, and I lived in total 7 years in Japan, that’s nearly 15% of my life, and I enjoyed nearly every day.

Thank you all for your kind inquiries, parents and brother in law and their family are all fine, they live in the western part of Tokyo. Life did not yet return to normal, but how could it after such a devastating natural event. And the radioactive scare is not yet under control. All the best to my friends and family in Japan.

But these thoughts are for another forum, lets get back to the title this blog: our Harley-Davidson, my Road King Classic and the activities at Hogsback Chapter UK and beyond.

In the last 3 weeks, I participated in 4 rides, and reported to you none of them yet. Shame on me, specially as I like to show off my photo’s to a wide audience. So here we go, the season opener was a ride to Goodwood.

Here some selected pictures, at the end of this post you find as usual a link to the whole album to be viewed via Flickriver.

The Empress waiting for her first outing with new chrome and exhaust

Police checking out the bikers at Rykas

AMF, American Machinery and Foundry, lots of Harley history behind that name

Mike Hawthorn (1929-1959) and Lofty England (1922-1995)
Mike Hawthorn was the first British World champion in 1958

Guess who that is… 🙂

A italian car with beautiful eyes…

A italian car with ugly eyes…

A last look at Goodwood…

View the whole collection of 100 photos in high definition at Flickriver

Art Bleiglass - View my 'Goodwood March 2011' set on Flickriver


One Response to “The riding season starts – Goodwood we come”

  1. Dave ATKINSON Says:

    Looking at the statue of Mike Hawthorn in your photoset…did you know that he died in his Jaguar on the Guildford bypass coming down off the Hogsback. D

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