HOG Rally Croatia – Heavy Metal Kids

3 month to go, and more details become available of the 20th European HOG Rally 2011 in Biograd, Croatia. The anticipation of something is said to be far more exciting than the actual arrival, I doubt that, but anticipation is fun, and I like to research background informations before travelling to new locations. These days I learned about one of the bands playing, and I also watched and added 3 videos, one from 1977 (I even recognise the song) and two more recent ones. Turn up the volume on your PC.

One band to play at the 2 stages is Heavy Metal Kids, a British hard rock band formed in London in 1972.

Here some background information sourced through Wikipedia

Early years

The Heavy Metal Kids were formed by the merger of two previous bands: Heaven and Biggles. They took their name from a gang of street kids, featured in a novel by William S. Burroughs.

The initial, pre-recording line-up consisted of Mickey Waller (guitar), Ronnie Thomas (bass and vocals), Gary Holton (lead vocals), Keith Boyce (drums) and Cosmo (guitar). They were the first signing by Atlantic Records’ new London offices. In January 1974, they recorded their first, self-titled album, produced by Dave Dee and engineered by Phil Chapman.

Waller left the band shortly before they went to Island Studios to record the follow-up album Anvil Chorus in January 1975, which was produced by Andy Johns. At this point keyboard player Danny Peyronel left to join UFO and was replaced by John Sinclair. Shortly after, Cosmo was replaced by Barry Paul. The band moved to Mickie Most’s RAK Records where they recorded Kitsch. John Sinclair left to join Uriah Heep and was replaced by Jay Williams.

Here the Heavy Metal Kids perform “Delirious“, recorded from the well known German TV show DISCO in 1977

Uhh, Slade and Nazareth are not far away …

Present day

After Holton’s death from an overdose of morphine combined with alcohol in 1985, the band went into a long hiatus.

Gary Holton R.I.P.

In 2002, they recorded a new album, Hit The Right Button, released in 2003 and featuring Peyronel again, now on lead vocals and keyboards, Ronnie Thomas, Keith Boyce, Marco Barusso (guitars and vocals) and Marco Guarnerio (guitars and vocals).

Here the title Message form the album:

Hit The Right Button enjoyed critical success. The ‘twentieth century’ Heavy Metal Kids embarked on a series of tours of the UK and Europe. In early 2008, a ‘special edition’ of the album was released by Angel Air Records. Under the name Hit The Right Button Plus, the CD featured four of their songs performed live in London and Milan between 2003 and 2005 as bonus tracks, as well as fully re-designed artwork.

On 8 August 2010, Peyronel left the band and the actor John Altman, aka Nasty Nick Cotton from EastEnders,  was unveiled as the new lead singer. Altman was a friend of the original frontman Gary Holton, he appeared with him in small roles in the 1979 movie Quadrophenia.

John Altman, aka Nasty Nick Cotton

In October 2010, the Heavy Metal Kids embarked on a tour with the new line-up featuring John Altman (vocals), Ronnie Thomas (bass/vocals), Cosmo (guitar), Keith Boyce (drums) and Justin McConville (guitar/vocals/keyboards). They are working on their album to be titled “Uncontrollable!“, and a single of the same title has been released:

Heavy Metal Kids will play at the 20th European HOG Rally 2011 in Biograd, Croatia,  at the Harbour Stage on Thursday evening, May 26th and on the Beach Stage on Friday 27th.


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  1. You may be interested to know that John Altman has recently left the band and L.A. Guns singer Phil Lewis is joining the band for the Croatian dates. It will be Mega!

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