My Road King squeaks like a pig

On my Road King, the “Active Exhaust” includes an actuator valve which closes during higher engine loads. The exhaust is closed during acceleration or going up a hill or any other time of “higher engine loads. The only reason I can think for this factory installed castration is to “meet noise regulations.”

It works, it kills the Harley sound. But worse, it squeaks like a pig when the valve opens again.

Check out this 44sec video, you can clearly hear how the deep rumble is put on mute and see the actuator valve working.

Time to change some parts and get rid of this actuator valve.

Do you know of any reason (except to please the law) why not to get a sawzall and cut off the stock exhaust system and to toss it in the closest dumpster?


6 Responses to “My Road King squeaks like a pig”

  1. Hi Axel, I have 2007 Fat Boy, ditched the OEM system for V&H Q-System. The Q stands for quieter sound, but still nice rumble. It has a 2-1-2 barrel system. I know that the FB is 1 sided exhaust, but similar for your 1 each side is available. I did the fitting myself, went for total exhaust, this removes the valve. Very easy job, all in all took me 1 1/4 hours to do, that was even including phoning Guildford HD regarding the removal of the oxygen sensors. I bought mine from California Phils, cost was £310 delivered as opposed to £610 UK price! Anyway next time I see you we can talk (I am the small guy, silver Fat Boy and going to Croatia). You should do the full Stage 1 – exhaust, air filter & screamin eagle module (for remapping ECU). I bought mine from e-bay US and paid £134 not £460 as in UK HD shop!

  2. Like Ian I have after market pipes on my 04 Road King–Rinehart True Duals and a ThunderMax ECM. That pretty much fixes the “rumble” problem. However I’ve noticed a “chirp” much like Gary describes whenever I pass between two barriers while I’m riding–like on an overpass or in a tunnel. I haven’t a clue where it’s coming from and I don’t hear it unless I pass between walls which bounce the sound back for me to hear. When the bike is idling I don’t hear it either. It seems to happen only when I’m at speed. I’m curious if it’s the same thing Gary is speaking of.

  3. Ian, Gary, thanks for the advise. The squeaking noise comes clearly from the valve when it opens again, as if you would open a old rusty door…

  4. Gary France Says:

    Is the squeaking coming from the valve itself? I ask because my Road King squeks badly but from where the exhaust is mounted much nearer the back of the pipes. The mounting includes a rubber type block which squeaks. It can be resolved by applying silicone to the block, but I am not sure how to do this – the dealer has always done it for me. I have mine treated with silicone everytime the bike is serviced and the squeaking always returns before it goes back in for the next service. H-D call this “chirping”, but if the squeaking you have is coming from the valve, then it is something different. Ian is right about the new ECU – I had to change mine, when I changed the pipes. Your bike is much newer than mine and the cutting out of the noise would make me change them straight away!

  5. – oh I should have said if you do change the exhaust you will need a new programable ECU!

  6. yep cut em off and get open pipes for a real sound – but this is the start of a slippery slope to proper customisation – the rubbish springs and brakes – cheap chrome instead of billet ally – a new fuel tank, better fenders, once you start its hard to stop!

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