Screw it, lets ride to Croatia!

Less the 4 month to go, and one of the the big rides of 2011 will start, I will be going to the 20th European H.O.G. Rally in Biograd, Croatia.

Watch this space, more info to come, and lots of pictures after the event.



5 Responses to “Screw it, lets ride to Croatia!”

  1. Nice one Greg – we will probably stay in Rheims night 1 – I like a bit of champagne!

  2. Gregory Payne Says:

    Myself, and 2 others on eurotunnel 12.20pm Sunday 22nd staying at Reims, Augsberg, Opatija then to Biograd, camping at campsoline. Will have Welsh flag flying and Great Western Chapter flag. If you like JD come and visit. Should be a great ride and rally.

  3. Ian, Gary, safe ride, I hope we find a place to meet. I am riding with a Hogsback Chapter group of 10 bikes, hotels booked, but other details not yet finalised. Should be able to post more details later here.

  4. I am going with Gary France – just the two of us so far and we have booked the 10:20 eurotunnel on Sunday 22nd – and an apartment in Biograd! – Really looking forwards to the ride and I will be taking a new un-proven custom which should be fun.

  5. Looking forward to joining you in spirit.

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