The Bullshit Generator

Many years ago I found a great online tool, the Web Economy Bullshit Generator. It helped me to understand the hot air around the big DOT.COM bubble, as each time I pressed the button to “make bullshit”, I recognised again how powerful, meaningless and sometimes dangerous marketing speech can be.

I must admit: once I used the bullshit generator to write a email reply to somebody who tried to pile a ton of bullshit over me, and believe it or not, he actually thanked me for my insights and fully agreed with my viewpoint.

It went something like this…

“Dear ……. ,  I think it is very important that we unleash mission-critical architectures soon, while we reinvent value-added interfaces. Our benefit will be to expedite sexy bandwidth and at the same time be able to brand innovative niches. With your help I will be able to seize robust functionalities and evolve user-centric infomediaries, without neglecting to orchestrate world-class interfaces… ”

Try it out, you can quickly fill pages.

Why I am writing this “confession” now? Well, I was just reminded of this old Bullshit Generator while reading a recent HD press release, as the phrases used could have been easily produced by a “Harley-Davidson bullshit generator” :

Sounds familiar? Read the full Blackline Press Release here

You can only admire the creativity of marketing departments around the world and thank them for their entertainment value, but please, do not believe it all…


3 Responses to “The Bullshit Generator”

  1. This explains SO MUCH about my job …

    Also – Hi, I didn’t read your last entry to avoid spoilers, but I hope all’s well. Your ride looked great in that post the other day – good on you! Good taste in upgrades!

  2. The bullshit generator is now dutifully bookmarked. LOL.

  3. Gary France Says:

    That is the good thing about blogging, it cultivates cross-media relationships, allowing contributors to embrace interactive content. We can recontextualize our synergistic travel communities as often as permissible in an environment of positive collaboration.

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