The second season starts at 6052 miles

Today was the day, sunshine and blue skies, my second season on a Harley-Davidson started.

It was still bloody cold at 4C (39F), but the first day in 2011 to be able to see through sunglasses, ideal for a short and lonely ride to remind my Road King Classic what is was build for.

The engine started without problems, 2 month of inactivity in the garage did not kill the battery. Well, all parts are less then one year old, I would have expected nothing less.

My small round trip to nowhere and back home was also designed to check out the small additions I made over the winter break. As I had to remove the front wheel to fix new fender parts, I was a bit careful for the first miles, but all turned out fine.

Here some pictures of the new parts and chrome I added

Road King Classic Chrome Fender Skirt


Road King Classic Passsneger Footboard Cover


Aileron brake pedal pad

Check out the drama behind this DIY job here<<


Aileron shifter peg


Aileron heated handgrips

Enough show-off, I can’t wait for the first Chapter rides to start…



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