A look behind the scenes of a HOG Chapter

I am starting my second season riding a Harley-Davidson Road King Classic, and my second year as a member of a HOG Chapter.

If you followed this blog last year, you saw that I joined many interesting rides and rallies, and now have a better understanding of what is expected and what is special.

But what is going on behind the scenes? How is all this organised?

Steve, chairing the meeting

To assemble and run such a diversified program, many people must put a lot of effort into, because it is not done by just agreeing to meet at 10am and ride… somewhere.

I decided to have a look behind the scenes, something a riding member does not always see, and tried to capture the activity and participants in some photos.

Last weekend I visited the Road Crew Ride-Out planning meeting, to see for myself if the 20+ Road Crew members of Hogsback Chapter UK just sit around the Hotel bar, drinking pints of lager and tell jokes while eating chips.

It was very different, more like a business meeting with tap water on the tables, serious looking man and one woman sitting around U-shaped table, with numerous laptops and Powerpoint presentations, and a central high-beam projector displaying a Excel sheet on a large screen, to be filled in with all details of the 2011 program.

I could not stay long, but got a good impression of how serious this task is taken by the Road Crew, and want to thank all involved for their work in finalising the 2011 program.

Then I realise that now even more work starts, preparing the details of the actual ride-out and leading the group as Road Captain or Road Marshal in a entertaining and secure fashion.

A big Thank You to all members the Road Crew from my Hogsback Chapter UK, and to all other HOG-Chapters around the world, for this commitment.

And now, let’s ride…

To view all 29 pictures in high resolution, click on the link to Flickriver

Art Bleiglass - View my 'Road Crew Ride-Out Planning' set on Flickriver


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