Dyna had sex with a Fat Boy again

It is not the first time these two went to bed together, their first child is the FXCWC Softail “Rocker C”. Their new baby is called: Blackline

Take the front of a FXDWG, and the back of a FLSTFB, and the result is something like the new FXS Blackline Softail.

I think this cross family breed was created by “in vitro fertilization”, combining the DNA of Dyna Wide Glide with the hardtail looking back of a mean Softail Fat Boy Special.

I am still looking forward to something really really new, a creative jump, not just a new mixture from the shelf, diluting the Dyna and Softail styles, because at the end, they will all look different and the same at the same time. The last time a new family was created was back in 2001 with the V-Rod.


5 Responses to “Dyna had sex with a Fat Boy again”

  1. Gary France Says:

    Well spotted! You pretty much nailed it. I agree with you, they need to do something new. Not a radical departure from their core market, but something that does look a bit different. I am thinking about a new bike and while it will probably have a H-D engine, the rest will be custom to get away from it looking like everyone else’s bike.

  2. Good catch. I think you’re right on the mark.

    I keep hearing about H-D not being able to come up with anything new. Well as long as the focal point of all their bikes is a honking big V-twin, they really are pretty limited in what they can do. You can only raise and lower seat height so much before it becomes repetitive.

    To really branch out would require a new/different powerplant, and I don’t think that’s likely to happen any time soon.

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