Your Harley on Facebook’s profile photostream

Many of us who actively write a blog are active on Facebook, most of us who just read a blog like this one may be on Facebook. But we all know Facebook. There must be a reason Mark Zuckerberg wins TIME Person of Year 2010. I may not have voted for him, but miles better then this really overrated Julian Assange.

Recently a new profile page layout was introduced, with 5 pictures on top called “the photostream”, and at first I was not impressed. Mine looked like that:

We are all vain, but that was a boring repetitive usage of my picture. But I quickly learned that you can control which picture appears here, you simply need to tag yourself in the pictures, and the most recent 5 ones appear. Whatexactly appears may be slightly out of your control, as soon as somebody tags you, this most recent tagged image will be included. Remember, its a photoSTREAM.

Quickly done, I tagged myself to 5 detail shots of Harley hardware, but still was not happy with the results. See here what happened:

Call me pedantic, but the automatic crop Facebook is presently using on my original pictures in its photostream is not convincing.

See here how they killed the original composition:

I am not sure if this is random, it changes a bit with the size and aspect ratio of the original picture, but not in a way I would consider myself in control of my profile page.

You can remove the photostream completely, but I like the idea and visualisation, and to get in control, there is only one way around it: crop the image yourself and reduce it to the minimal required size of 98×68 pixels. You do not need Photoshop, any good photo-software will do.

Now the logo appears nicely centred, and I can show in these 5 pictures exactly the crop I want to show.

There is one drawback: if you click on this thumbnail, all you get is the tiny thumbnail, not the original sized picture. I therefore recommend you put the pictures into a special photo folder called: “Thumbnails for profile”, following the old rule that to avoid disappointment, write on the tin what the actual content is.


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