Original Harley-Davidson mini-skirt

As some of you may know, I “changed” my front fender, and had to replace some chrome. But what does a mini-skirt have to do with a flimsy tin-can?

Well, the Harley Davidson original front fender skirt is a extremly flimsy piece of sheet metal, with some black lines printed on it.

I like the brightly shining skirts I sometimes see on other bikes, and wondered how much polish they needed to achieve that look. Immersing yourself into the accessories bible of Harley, you find a whole collection of different styles, and, as I like to stay true to style, I ordered the Road King Classic one.

First I thought the price for this small piece of simple metal to be excessively high, as I had already removed the old one and while holding it in my hand, was not impressed at all.

But after collecting the new one, what a surprise! This new skirt is a serious piece of metal, with raised accent ribs and a die-cast medallion. and its heavy, it is actually 4.5 times as heavy as the original skirt.

I wonder what other “original” components on my Road King  are as low quality as the original front fender skirt. This upgrade clearly added value… and weight!

After Xmas I go on a diet again, to compensate…


2 Responses to “Original Harley-Davidson mini-skirt”

  1. Sadly it seems like a lot of parts on new Harley’s are made on the cheap. Another good example is the chintzy plastic cover band on the Dyna battery cover. Replaced that with a more solid chrome one as soon as I could!

  2. The stock one is pretty awful, right? I felt the same way when I replaced mine. Good on you!

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