A big Thank You to the small talking chicken…

One of the best accessories I ever bought for my Road King Classic in 2010 were the Highway footpegs.

50305-02 Aileron Footpegs

To be able to stretch out on long rides is sooo comfortable, these footpegs are a must on any bike.

But with the choice of footpegs came a threat from Toby, a salesperson at Harley Davidson: DO NOT DARE TO MIX STYLES.

What he meant was that having bought AILERON styled footpegs, nothing else then a AILERON styled brake pedal and shifter peg should be considered. How right he is!

With Xmas a “window of opportunity” opened, and I decided to refine the look of my Empress with this brake pedal and shifter peg – AILERON style of course:

42678-05A & 34601-02 Aileron Large Break Pedal & Shifter Peg

And the problems started… Harley decided – at least in Europe – to declare the brake pedal as OBSOLETE, and it was removed from the 2011 catalogue. No more AILERON brake pedal…

That’s when the small talking chicken helped out. A friend of mine could source a pedal and peg in the US, and send it over to me. The pieces reached me these days, after 3 weeks in transit.

“C” – thank you very much


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