Wet Wet Wet -or- the price for a Harley-Davidson decal

You may wonder how the 2-parts title of this post fits together. Its simple. First, the weather. Its wet outside, no ride without giving you bike a quick clean-up after you return home, just to remove the dirt, and soon the aggressive salt. 30 seconds spraying a Road King with clean water helps a lot, but the long drying thereafter is the fun-killer.

Not if you use a air blower! Do not try a inverted vacuum cleaner, a dog dryer, or worse, the hair-dryer of your wife, they are all too weak for a Harley-Davidson.

The real thing is a Air Force Blaster, its not cheap but you will love it from the first time you use it.

Technical details: 4 HP motor with 29,250 ft/min air flow 2 stage fan

Trust me, you will soon start to use it to blow away all sort of things, leaves in the walkway, spider webs in the workshop or the dust in the garage. You will use it because its just the right size, and very powerful.

Its one of those investments, like my highway footpegs, I will never question, because they change your life to the good and put a smile on your face each time you think of them.

The Air Force Blaster above has a small and a big brother, and after I was handed over in a official ceremony the new bible, the 2011 Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories catalogue of Harley Davidson, I found the little brother on page 768.

Or something that looked very similar to the Air Force Blaster Sidekick with a Harley-Davidson decal stick on it. Both are advertised with a sturdy all-steel construction, 18,000 ft/min air flow and a single stage 1.3 HP fan.

The only difference is the decal.

A decal or transfer is a plastic, cloth paper or ceramic substrate that has printed on it a pattern that can be moved to another surface upon contact, usually with the aid of heat or water. The word is short for decalcomania. The word decalcomania is derived from the French word decalquer, and was coined by Simon François Ravenet about 1750. The mania was added during the decal craze of the late 19th century.

And this is where the 2nd part of the title of this post kicks in. Knowing that the small Blaster Sidekick costs 99 GBP, I wondered what the Sidekick with a Harley-Davidson HOG decal with cost. Any idea? Stop guessing: 150 GBP store price, that’s a lot, with online discounts 128 GBP, better.

But add to the 99 GBP non-HOG Blaster 7 GBP for the hose and 8 GBP for carriage and packaging, you end up with a difference of “just” 14 GBP.

Not bad, the decal costs 4 GBP in the Harley-Davison bling shop, and for 10 GBP its always nice to visit your favourite shop, where you will surely spend more. Actually, you may have the pleasure to visit your HOG paradise twice, as the blaster will most likely not be in stock and will have to be ordered.

Online, you simply click a few buttons, enter your Credit Card details, and 3 days later the goods are delivered to your door. How boring is that.

Happy blowing.


2 Responses to “Wet Wet Wet -or- the price for a Harley-Davidson decal”

  1. I have one of these blowers for drying the bike and it is fantastic – probably the best items I have ever bought for the garage!

  2. Hey, it’s only money, right?


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