Fireworks at Hogsback Chapter

What a great Club Night. On Saturday 6.11. (remember remember the 5th of November) I did not watch one of my favourite movie “V for Vendetta“, but was invited to a special Club Night, with food, drinks and fireworks.

Before we could light the fireworks, official business had to be conducted, and a wonderful big sum of 320 GBP, raised by chapter members,  could be handed over to the Alzheimers Society.

And to guarantee frequent and safe rides for the next seasons, nominations and promotions to the Road Crew were announced.

What a fireworks this was: our new Road Marshal’s are Robin, Cliff and (not present) Dave

and promoted to Road Captain were Steve and Dell. If you follow this blog regularly, you surely know them from leading rides in my pictures of previous rides:

Thank you for all the hard work and fun
in organising the numerous rides

But then came the real firework, and must admit I am quite happy with the results of the pictures. It was really spectacular, with the Star War theme as music playing in the background:

If you want to try to take such pictures at your next fireworks, here is how I achieved it:

1) switch off the flash
2) set mode selector to “speed priority”
3) open aperture fully
4) set shutter speed to 3 seconds, for big explosions to 4 sec.
5) use tripod or firm base, I used here a garbage bin to rest the camera on
6) release shutter when rocket is about halfway up in the air
7) be happy if 10% of the pictures turn out fine

Good luck

And for the very special shot from the beginning of this post: enjoy to play in Photoshop

Here you can see all pictures of this evening in high definition

Art Bleiglass - View my 'Fireworks Club Night' set on Flickriver


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