Harley-Davidson 2011 model launch at Guildford HD

Last Friday I attended the special presentation of the 2011 models at my Guildford Harley-Davidson dealership.

Lot of chrome, but no real new new things. The staff kept the shop open from 7:30pm for 2 hours, and they invited all Hogsback Chapter members to see, touch and chat about the new models.

To make the evening even more attractive, plenty of free drinks and food was available.

As it was raining outside, we all stayed inside and this guaranteed high turnover in the specially discounted merchandise.

Some found their dream bike…

other their dream accessories…

Some merchandise is… debatable

Mike and his lovely daughter


View the whole set of 56 pictures in high definition:

Art Bleiglass - View my 'Guildford HD open night' set on Flickriver


3 Responses to “Harley-Davidson 2011 model launch at Guildford HD”

  1. Yeah!! I bought the Black and Chrome Fatboy displayed on the plinth. Very pleased with it so far. A great stablemate for the Electraglide.

  2. will stick with the Road King, 103ci sound nice, but not a huge jump. Then sat on the Superlow and 48 (love the 48) and wondered if I still need a 400cc scooter for commuting, or of these narrow Harley’s could do the trick. Then the thought of a 48 with the (necessary) GIVI backcase make me cringe. Superlow is nice too, but for me a Harley should have a four digit ccm displacement 🙂

  3. So what did you think of the 11’s? Have a favorite?

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