A close look into Gary’s Road King Classic mirror

One problem with writing about Gary France again is that some readers may get the impression I am a stalker. I am not, I just enjoy his daily blog reports on his trip through the US.

And as I like to take pictures myself, the quality of visual impressions he publishes is stunning, educational and entertaining.

Not only does he plan his ride, ride the ride, take pictures, edit them, write and post his reports every single day, but he also finds time to edit his blog appearance, recently changing his header again to this great shot:

click on picture to go to Gary’s tour report

This made me think of what Gary is not showing us, what he sees in his mirror and is not able to take a picture of. Here a small collection of a wild trip:

Have a safe trip Gary


4 Responses to “A close look into Gary’s Road King Classic mirror”

  1. Clever. Just found your blog (via Gary France) and look forward to reading more of your posts. Well done on the Betty Boop accessory by the way.

  2. Axel…. very good

    Gary … I hope you stopped so they could catch up 🙂

  3. heh I like the image with the airplane in the background, good editing too!
    I must check out Gary’s blog since you’ve mentioned him a couple times on here!

  4. I like this! That is very clever and I cannot see the join. The last one is my personal favourite!

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