The Harley-Davidson summer is nearly over in the UK

Its officially autumn, and this morning the temperatures were for the first time seriously below 5 degrees Celsius (~40F).

The ride-outs will become less frequent, time for more tuning and chrome refinement, the activities on and with my Road King Classic will change, time spend reading the accessories catalog will increase.

I am confident to find enough interesting “stuff” to write about, to take pictures of, and to post on this blog. But this week, this blog, is 6 month old, and looking back at the ride I want to say to you my readers:

Thank you for reading, for commenting,  for staying in touch. Although I do not like hit counters on websites, it is your visit that motivates most to continue. Here the history for the last 6 month in views per week:

Nothing earth shaking, but important to me. Thank you coming back and have a safe ride in the wet.


2 Responses to “The Harley-Davidson summer is nearly over in the UK”

  1. MacDuff, thanks for your kind words, and I agree, although chilly, fall can be very colorful.

  2. Congrats on the bigtime growth! You are certainly a superior blogger. Sorry your summer is ending but fall is sometimes better for riding!!

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