Comfort Rear Guards for the Road King Classic

Their exact name is: Comfort Profile Rear Saddlebag Guard Kit, and the Harley-Davidson magic ID is 49179-09.

I ordered them when I ordered my new Road King Classic, as my Missus complained about the high standard Rear Guards while we took a Road King for a test drive. This was back in April 2010 (see my report here), and now, after 4,725 miles, and driven through 8 (eight) European Countries, the dealership finally got them delivered.

Here a comparison of the left standard and the comfort guard

As they were busy and could not fix them right there, I took them home and changed them DIY.


left changed to conmfort

doesn’t it look great how they angle down…

A ride to the 7 Hotel-Diner (a report will soon follow) proved 2 things:

a) my Missus likes them very much and considers them very comfortable
b) I would suggest to Harley-Davidson to change the name from Comfort Guards to Gorgeous Guards, as they just look right on a Road King Classic.

This is one more example where Harley-Davidson adds some standard stuff to a new bike, well knowing that it will be changed (for Cash) pretty quickly. The intriguing thing however is: I do not see many Road King or Touring models with these gorgeous Comfort Guards.

Is it because you loose the ability to attach a Saddlebag Guard Bag and Water Bottle holder?

Please comment, and check later to see pictures of these beauties on my Road King Classic…


2 Responses to “Comfort Rear Guards for the Road King Classic”

  1. Well, in Europe 8 countries in little miles is quite easy, you can do England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg in one single ride, less then 400 miles. Add Switzerland and Italy for the HOG rally, and you start to understand the need of a passport in Europe.
    I am quite sure the new guards offer as much (or little) protection to the saddlebags as the standard ones, except of course if you flip over more then 90 degrees, and then I doubt the guards will make any difference anyway, you will have other problems to worry about … 🙂

  2. Hey, B!
    Those look damn good. Kudos on the jack, too. Not a bad DIY setup!

    Do the new guards offer full protection for the saddlebags if you tip over? I admit I didn’t scrutinize them fully, but for myself I skipped them because I believed that to be the case.

    In any event, very nice upgrade. Cheers to the missus on a better ride!

    And 8 countries and 4.5k miles … the $teal$hip came through! Yay! Hahaha…

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