SOFER 7 – Hogsback Chapter’s Blue Ride Out

There were several ride outs on offer at SOFER 7. One organized by the Ladies of Harley, unfortunately I missed that one on Friday, and two on Saturday, one by Oxford Chapter and one by my own Hogsback Chapter. This one was called The Blue Ride, simply for the fact that when registering you got a little blue dot to put on your main lights, although some unique places to fix it were found:

Both rides were limited to 125 bike registrations, first come first serve, something I quickly learned in the HOG world.

Ride leader Dik

The ride itself took us from Bisley grounds to Bookham Grange, a place I knew as some of our monthly Club Nights are held there.

Not even a level crossing could split us up

Robin and Beverly

In their garden, a buffet was offered, and live music played rock songs.

I would guess that about 150 bikes joined this ride out, although to my regret the 2nd man drop off system was not used. Instead, the whole ride was controlled by numerous road marshals, who protected each roundabout and junction, so the group would not be broken up. The did a great job, here some pictures of them in action.

I hoped the 2 man drop off system was used, as I wanted to see as a drop-off the whole ride go by and capture this on video, as I did in a earlier ride, the chapter convergence ride. Here the previous video:

The plan was such a video but with 4-times as many bikes… but it wasn’t with drop-off, and that turned out to be ok, as later I found out that the whole video camera stopped working after 20 sec, and no footage was recorded – stupid unreliable thing, had to remove the battery to stop it playing crazy.

It worked again on the ride back to Bisley, where I stopped trying to make a video, but capture a picture every 2 seconds. This yielded some results, as you can see above and below:

We left Bisley at 10:30, and where back at 14:30, this was a hell of a ride. Thanks to the organizers and the road marshals putting their life and bike at risk by throwing themselves in front of aggressive but understanding cars.


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