SOFER 7 – Friday’s impressions of the HOG Rally

Friday morning, I drove early the 24 miles from home to Bisley, to register for the 7th South of England HOG Rally. Cloudy but dry, it was only later in the morning that the sun showed its summer strength.

Here my Road King Classic is standing in front of a classical Airstream trailer.

The camping started slowly to fill up

Here some impressions of the trade stands and their products

A very American Diner

And a very HOG loyal dog from Oxford Chapter

Guildford Harley-Davidson, the dealer where I bought my Road King and sponsor of the Hogsback chapter, displayed bikes designed by Michael Noble

Here Michael Noble is starting his next new new design…

To be continued…


2 Responses to “SOFER 7 – Friday’s impressions of the HOG Rally”

  1. Gary, back in April, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I am still amazed by the depth of activities in multiple layers, starting with HOG events, supported by Chapters events and complemented by smaller private happenings. Most important of all: its great fun, and one of my personal satisfactions is the opportunity to combine these events and ride outs with my life long hobby to take pictures.

  2. I am glad you made it to the SOFER rally. I have found it fun in the past. Did you stay overnight? The bike in the 5th picture from the top is by a guy called Nick Gale. My red bike beat that bike in the Best Bike at the Ace Cafe and I don’t think he was too pleased. I see you caught up with the Sickboys as well – I know Gary who runs it quite well.

    It is good to see you taking place in so many Harley events – ride outs, UK Rallies and European Rallies! Did you really know what you were getting yourselfinto when you bought your Road King?

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