SOFER 7 – The South of England HOG Rally 2010

I got a ticket, I cleaned my Road King Classic, I went to Bisley to the 7th South of England HOG Rally.

Limited to 2000, these tickets were quickly sold out. Thanks to the director of Hogsback chapter UK, I could buy the ticket of a fellow member who became ill and could not come.

Note to myself: get one for next year early, this year I had no chance as they were sold out before I even could test-drive my first Harley-Davidson. In HOG world, you learn quickly, and I really enjoyed 2 days of action. In the next days I will post my 4 part report, some words, many pictures.

But here a nice linkage: SOFER 7 (my second Rally) and the 19th European Rally in Lugano (my first Rally) are closely connected by a Harley-Davidsons Fat-Boy.

How that? This Fat Boy is part of the Harley-Davidson Rally circus, its a DEMO bike everyone can book for a ride. Chek out the number plate, from the same bike, pictures taken in Bisley and Lugano. The world is small.

Congratulations to the 5 organizing Chapters, it was great fun and very well organized.

To be contuinued…


One Response to “SOFER 7 – The South of England HOG Rally 2010”

  1. Hurry up. Need more rally pics and stories. Neeeed!!

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