HOG Parade in Lugano

I wanted to join my first parade at a Harley-Davidson Rally event. Some more experienced friends at the Chapter did not recommend this ride as its just too many bikes, but I like first to try things out myself and then judge.

In a nutshell: it was fantastic – once you were part of the parade. For whatever reason the organizers had to limit the number of bikes to 3.000 for the initial Line-Up of the Parade, and it seems 5,000 Harleys tried to reach this Line-Up along lake Lugano.

First I was part of 2,000 odd bikes being guided by police into circles around Lugano, like airplanes waiting to get their landing permission, but permission to join seemed not their intention.

After 5 circles – close to give-up – I followed in a final attempt 2 wild driving Swiss who I hoped knew the little streets of Lugano. They drove fast and determined, and did exactly the opposite from what the police instructed them to do. And bingo, I was suddenly standing in the middle of the line-up.

The Parade route took us through te montains around lake Lugano, and in each little village I felt like participating in the Tour de France, at the summit of the col de je ne sais pas quoi, cheered by fans and onlookers.

Roaring through Lugano on streets closed by the police, just for us…

Leaving Lugano…

Joining thousands of Harley-Davidson riders through twisted mountain roads was a really great experience.

With cheering onlookers, you feel like Eddy Merckx or Lance Armstrong… on a motorcycle

To be repeated… hoped it would happen at Silverstone, it didn’t, but that’s another story…

This is the 4th of the 5 part report of my trip to the 19th European HOG Rally in Lugano.

Part 1: The ride south, going to Como, Italy
Part 2: Visit to HOG village in Lugano
Part 3: Ride along lake Como to the HOG Rally Lugano
Part 4: HOG Parade in Lugano
Part 5: The long ride home from HOG Rally Lugano


3 Responses to “HOG Parade in Lugano”

  1. I loved the photos of the ride – it is great that you were able to do it despite the attempts by the police. I have never ridden in a parade like that, but I have seen a few. The feeling must have been terrific with all the crowds cheering you along. Great post!

  2. Line-up started at 16:00, I finally joined 16:40, with 17:00 the start, very slow, stop and go at the beginning, then speeding up. The whole drive started to break up after 50 minutes, when the scenic part ended and some dashed to the Swiss Harley days. I there took a right turn back to the hotel in Como.

  3. I see you were able to ride such that a pic of you chatting up the ladies seemed to be taken and posted. Well done, that’s A+ blogging.

    How long was the ride once you were in?

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