Ride along lake Como to the HOG Rally Lugano

After the not-so-impressive dinner on Thursday (the one where the tomato got lost in the Calzone), our group of 6 had a fantastic 3 course dinner at another restaurant last night (Friday) in Como.

a Italian Good Morning view out of my hotel window

I was looking forward to the announced Chapter ride around lake Como, but during breakfast the disappointing announcement was made that the ride had to be canceled. Instead members were invited  to join a boat trip to Bellagio to enjoy this sunny day or make own plans for a ride on his Harley-Davidson.

I like boats, and the invitation was tempting, but then again, I rode hundreds and hundreds of miles to Lugano to enjoy a biker weekend, and lake Como seemed as inviting from the road then from a boat.

Dik, the Chapter director,  was very helpful and went to great length in explaining to me the planed ride – via Lecco to Bellagio and on to the HOG festival in Lugano – and Howard on his “Fat Boy”, now with a brand new rear tire, decided to join me and my GPS for what turned out to be a fantastic ride.

We even could meet some of our friends turned boat-people in Lugano for lunch. I could meet a group of Harley drivers from France (Lorraine Chapter), and we took each others pictures.

Merci Serge pour la foto

While Howard and I waved goodbye to ride on to join the parade in Lugano, we could see some envy in their eyes, as the boat trip in the enclosed hydrofoil with dirty windows wasn’t exactly the most pleasant on such a sunny day – as we were told.

Sad to leave Beverly, Robin and John behind

But the parade in Lugano was waiting for us. Howard wanted to watch, I wanted to join…

Como >> Lecco >> Bellagio >> Lugano (parade) >> Como: 112 miles

Post on Parade to follow

This is the 3rd part of the 5 part report of my trip to the 19th European HOG Rally in Lugano.

Part 1: The ride south, going to Como, Italy
Part 2: Visit to HOG village in Lugano
Part 3: Ride along lake Como to the HOG Rally Lugano
Part 4: HOG Parade in Lugano
Part 5: The long ride home from HOG Rally Lugano


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  1. What a beautiful ride!!!!

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