Harley-Davidson PowerPak 103 on the 2011 Road King Classic – its all about torque

You never get it right, either you buy to early, or too late, and most of the time both statements are valid.

  • You buy too late as you miss usage time, fun, and in case of a Harley-Davidson, miles on the road.
  • You always buy too early, as the next new model is just around the corner and going to be announced.

Less then 4 month after I ordered my Harley Davidson 2010 Road King Classic, the 2011 model is announced, and it has as standard feature a beast of a engine, the Twin Cam 103.

Harley Davidson calls this “upgrade” the “PowerPak 103“, standard on some models, like the 2011 Road King Classic, Electra Glide Ultra Limited and Road Glide Ultra machines, and as a factory-installed option on the 2011 Street Glide and Road Glide Custom models. They key-word here is: “factory-installed”, I doubt you will be able to bring your 2010 Road King to the dealer and ask him to install the PowerPak, like he would add some new Footrests.

This said, you can upgrade your “older” model from 96 to 103 at around 700US$ per Cubic Inch. You decide if its worthwhile, I wait.

What changes with the PowerPak103? Well, physically not much, but performance wise a lot. The stroke of the engine remains unchanged at 111mm, otherwise they would need a redesigned flywheel and crank shaft, and the bore is increased by 1/8th of a inch, tiny 3 mm, but this makes the bang, this makes all the difference. The displacement increases from 96 cu.in to 103, or in metric terms from 1583cc to 1690cc. And this 6.7% increase in engine displacement results in a 10.2% higher torque, and torque is what make most of us buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles again and again and again.


3 Responses to “Harley-Davidson PowerPak 103 on the 2011 Road King Classic – its all about torque”

  1. I paid 24,500.00 cash for my 2011 FLHRC. i was so dissapointed that my nuts,bolts,screws,were not even stainless for that price. now the bike is beautiful; but up close, those nasty looking rusted items look like s**t. and h.d. want’s 800.$ to replace them! you should never have gone public. we’re not all rich yuppies.

  2. whats the difference between 103cc & 103bcc

    • I have no idea what you mean, neither 103cc nor 103bcc make mucg sense here.
      103 cu.in make sense, its cubic inch, while cc (cubic centimeters) is the metric measure. 1000cc is 1 liter, 103cu.in are 1690cc or 1.69 liter.

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