Visit to HOG village in Lugano

A good night sleep after a long drive down south, a small group of us drove the next morning the few miles from Italy to Switzerland, from Como to Lugano, to visit the fist day of 19th European HOG Rally in Lugano.

John – Howard – Beverly – Robin

HOG village – its a traveling circus, its all about Harley Davidson branding. If you come early, its not too crowded yet. The huge stage dominated a quite small market place:

Great recycled art, watch their video here

beautiful bikes, but not exactly practical for long distance riding

Our Harley-Davidson’s in front of lake Lugano. The summer heat needed some cooling, this fountain was a very popular spot:

all official Harley-Davidson demo bikes had a UK registration

Dave, editor of the Hogsback Newsletter

well cultivated rust

These ladies are a tad overdressed for a Harley-ride

A huge Goldwing trike, I did not yearn back to my GL1800 days one second

nice head-cover, from Palermo Chapter

As Howard’s Fat Boy rear tire had a (lets call it) a “weak spot”, we escorted him to the local Harley-Davidson dealer for a replacement.

Harley-Davidson Ticino were very helpful and solved the problem the same day, what a great new shop they have.

Thank you Lugano for a great day, soon your lakeside street will be solely owned again by your little train. But first we need all space for a big Harley-Davidson parade with over 3,000 motorcycles…

to be continued…

Como – Lugano – Como >> 53 miles

This is the 2nd part of the 5 part report of my trip to the 19th European HOG Rally in Lugano.

Part 1: The ride south, going to Como, Italy
Part 2: Visit to HOG village in Lugano
Part 3: Ride along lake Como to the HOG Rally Lugano
Part 4: HOG Parade in Lugano
Part 5: The long ride home from HOG Rally Lugano


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