Training my butt – 2,000 miles in 7 days

This weekend I trained my butt for the trip to Lugano in a few days. I told you, I am going to attend the 19th European HOG Rally in Lugano, yeeehaaa…

I went to Northfield Farm, a 260 miles roundtrip, to visit the 2nd Classic Car & Bike Meeting, organized by my friend Jan McCourt. Here some photos:

the Rorton, a V8 Rover engine…

So, this it it, in few days I start my ride to the 19th European HOG Rally. My “Kutte” is prepared, the Road King is polished, all camera batteries fully loaded, all memory chips are empty and ready.

I plan to make about 2,000 miles in 7 days, an I start to realize how crazy this could become. But do not worry, I am under no time pressure, can abort, cut short or pause whenever and wherever it pleases me – theoretically.

Here the planed schedule:

As I will not carry with me my PC, nor any Internet access, you will have to wait for my trip report until next week. Then, me and my sore butt will tell you how it went, and I hope to post some interesting pictures of nice Swiss landscapes with thousands of roaring Harley-Davidson motorcycles in perfect sunshine.

I will then also know and report what equipment I really missed, and what I should have better left home. But tomorrow I will try to get at the last minute some Highway Footpegs, to be able to better relax on the long stretch, at least that’s the theory.

Wish me good luck…. you have now 24 hours to talk me out of it or comment with good advise.

For the record, just before I leave:


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