Swiss road tax vignette from outer space

All motorcycles and cars driving on Swiss motorways are required to have an annual toll sticker (French vignette). It costs €27.50 (CHF 40) for all cars and motorcycles with maximum admissible weight of 3.5 tons or less. The sticker is valid for 14 months, stickers for 2010 are valid from December 1st, 2009, to January 31st, 2011.

You can buy it in advance online in the UK, from The Swiss Travel Centre, under ths URL: . But beware, this peace of mind has its price: first they charge 27 GBP for the vignette and then a 3.50 GBP booking fee! Total costs: 30.50 GBP, which amounts at today’s exchange rates to 48.70 CHF, a price increase of nearly 22%.

The real question is: do you want to search for a vignette sales shop at the border? Stand in long queue with 137 East European truck drivers and 38 dutch family fathers with their 129 children who all need to go to the loo at once or beg for ice-cream? If you have no cash in local currency at hand be prepared to get ripped off by the exchange rate.  And then you may not get the bike dry enough to glue the sticker on it as torrential rains were punishing you in the last 3 hours.

Well, to avoid all this, I am happy to pay 5 GBP extra and carefully glue this extraterrestrial sticker on a suitable part of my bike, in my own pace, at home.

The sticker must be attached to the windscreen, unattached stickers are not valid. The sticker is designed so it cannot be removed without destroying it. When setting it up, the motorway tax sticker must be affixed directly onto the windscreen. Motorway tax stickers affixed only with adhesive tape, foil or other aids are not tolerated and are punished according to the legal provisions. There is no right of refund for improperly used, torn or lost motorway tax stickers.

Now, first thing I would recommend: do not, I repeat do not attach it to a plastic motorcycle windshield, as the glue used on these stickers is from another planet, its the one the aliens use to glue their spaceships together and fly at warp speed from galaxy to galaxy. You may  not get it off without scratching your screen, or even worse, it will eat its way through it and leave a perfect square hole.

Secondly, “the law” says you must attach it to some part of the bike that is not easy to remove. Your tax disk holder will not do the trick, as Switzerland will certainly go bankrupt if you sell your valid sticker to another biker after your visit. Remember: adhesive tape, foil or other aids are not tolerated.

So I attached it to the front left fork upper guard of my Road King Classic, this shiny chrome piece of heavy metal, which gives the impression that nothing can damage it, and every thing can be removed without leaving a trace, alien glue or not.

Lugano, I am coming, and will use your overpriced highways…


5 Responses to “Swiss road tax vignette from outer space”

  1. Walter Koepp Says:

    I just found this site. I will be traveling through Austria and Slovenia later this year and each country has a Vignette. I need to place them on an H-D Ultra Classic. I like your idea of the fork. I will have put them lower on the fork because there is not enough room on the upper part of the fork.

    Now to my question: What do you use to remove the expired Vignette that does not damage the fork? I don’t want to use a knife or razaor blade if it will scratch up my fork.

    • Walter, as I placed it on a chrome part, I could easily remove it with partly with a rasor blade, as it is a thick plactic nearly without touching the chrome surface, it broke up. Then I used some “sticker remover” solvent, to finish the job with “bar keepers friend”, google it, magical stuff, great for small burned (plastic) marks on exhaust pipe.

  2. I like your blog. I’ve added it to my favorite bookmarks and subscribed in a reader.

    Looking forward to reading more.


  3. I just came across this blog, its very nice, thank you.

  4. Gary France Says:

    I once had to drive into Switzerland for about 4 hours and I had to buy one of their damn stickers. What a rip off that was! They however made no allowances for such a short visit and I had to buy a sticker for a years worth of driving.

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