Finally repaired, she is back to full beauty

It took nearly 11 weeks and 1,648 miles to repair the accident damage to my Road King Classic.  That is the time it takes to get painted parts shipped from Harley-Davidson US to Harley-Davidson UK. A brand new complete bike takes less time from ordering, through shipment to delivery.

This is for my taste a bit long, as my Road King is not in a rare sherry blossoms pink or some twisted lemon green, but as most Road Kings are, in Henry Ford’s favorite color variation – black.

That’s is how she looked on 24th April 2010 after the accident, 3 days old, with just 109 miles on the odometer. Meanwhile I drove around with the rear indicators duct-taped to the twisted fender.

It is not a coincidence that I took pictures always from the right side, as not to show show the battle scars and missing left saddlebag.

Here a very bad picture of the reason for the whole delay, the carefully unwrapped black rear fender.

It took some hours to replace all broken pieces, and to enjoy the time I drove home for a short break, as Guildford Harley-Davidson kindly offered me to “test-drive” their 2009 FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited:

A nice ride, very similar to the Road King, but more protected. 80 mph on this beauty feel like 65 mph on the Road King Classic, thanks to the batwing fairing and specially the leg protectors.

But you need to get used to the view up front, as it is limited. You see no front wheel, lights or close road in front, as you are sitting with your nose just few inches away from a wide and high black (plastic) cockpit full of instruments and massive speakers. I felt very much back in time driving my Goldwing, and actually enjoyed the powerful audio system. If you travel often long distances, in whatever weather, I can understand why this is your Harley of choice, it would be mine too.

The Road King has a 96cu engine, the Electra Glide Ultra Limited was powered by the bigger sister, the 103cu engine. I honestly did not feel any difference, as I think the Electra had a few more pounds of bright red tupperware to carry around, and I guess the higher engine displacement was meant to deal with just that.

Finally I could take my Road King Classic back home, repaired, looking as new as on the first day:

Now I am ready to pack and go to the HOG meeting in Lugano… hope to meet some of you there.


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