A new feature: The 1,000 miles page

I know, I should not steal ideas, but this one is too good not to be borrowed.

All credit goes to Englishman Gary France, who is presently touring the US on a 4 month 15,000 miles trip from East to West Coast. He announced to take every 1,000 miles a picture of his Road King classic, and post it in his daily blog – which I strongly recommend you to read. Gary already published his first 1,000 mile picture, here it is:

As I am not going to do 15,000 miles in 120 days, but more like 15,000 miles in 2-3 years, I decided to dedicate one page of this blog only to these pictures. See top right under Pages

They will be taken at “about each 1,000 mile mark” on the Odometer, I say “about” as health and safety comes first, and then a bit of interesting background please.

A bit of Wikipedia knowledge: The word Odometer derives from the Greek words hodós, meaning “path” or gateway and “métron”, “measure”. The Germans call it “der Kilometerzähler”, the French “l ‘ odomètre” and the Japanese オドメーター, which is unsurprisingly pronounced: Odometa.

My first one is already published, taken at some 950ish miles, and that is close enough for me to 1,000 miles. The background is interesting. The Road King Classic stands in front of Guildford Cathedral, read my more detailed picture report here. I also add date, time and GPS information to the snapshot.

The next picture, the one at 2,000 miles, will be taken next week and is just 250 miles away, and that should put me somewhere on a boring highway in Belgium on my way to Luxembourg. Let me see if a small detour via Brugge is possible. Otherwise the page will have to do with a nice Texaco gasoline station. But highway it must be, as unfortunately I have to get down to Switzerland in little time.

Bugger me, just realize the 3,000 mile picture will be taken one week later at about the same spot, same country, same highway on my way back to the UK.

Damn, why cant I ride through the US as Gary does…


One Response to “A new feature: The 1,000 miles page”

  1. Gary France Says:

    I don’t know, you turn your back for a few minutes and somebody steals your idea! Honestly, I don’t mind!

    My 2000 mile picture will be taken tomorrow….

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