19th European HOG Rally – and I am going

The official website says: “The Swiss Harley Day gain in importance.” – YES, I am coming.

After the great experiences and fun I had riding out with my Chapter, the Hogsback Chapter UK, I decided to join their trip down to Switzerland and Italy, to the 19th European HOG Rally & Swiss Harley Days.

Not sure what to expect, but positively excited, I may be putting a bit more preparations into this short trip then the experienced Harley dude, as I am moving into unknown territory, a event that I would have given a wide berth in the past.

The ride down is (as I am told) usually done in individually organized groups, sometimes over several days, and we all meet at the pre-booked hotel. But for this first more distant trip with the Chapter I will not join with other riders on the drive down, as I plan a private stopover in Luxembourg, were my sister is living.

I hope to make it to Lugano in 2 stages, first to Luxembourg (~360 miles) and then to Lugano (~420 miles). Having done such distances on 2 consecutive days more then once in my previous life on a Goldwing, I wonder how I will feel after this trip on a Harley-Davidson Road King Classic… it will surely be different… I hope mainly positively different.

If anybody wants to join and group on parts of the way, lets get in contact.

2 weeks to go, and my Road King is still not repaired from its accident at 109 miles.

Remember the date, I will post more on the preparations and the actual trip, and maybe we manage to meet…

– book Eurotunnel – check (out: 14.6. – return: 20.6.)
– book repair at HD – check (if all parts arrived after waiting 8 weeks… )

to be continued…


One Response to “19th European HOG Rally – and I am going”

  1. MacDuff Says:

    Lucky, lucky man =)

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