Gary France – his USA Tour on a Road King Classic

Today, I want to strongly recommend a blog of a fellow rider from London, Gary France, who is making a USA Tour on his Harley Davidson.

Few days ago, on the 23rd June 2010, Gary started a 4 month, 15,000 mile tour of the USA on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a Road King Classic, specially painted by Tony Evans with Hollywood Film Stars.

His very informative blog, a real journal, gives details of where he has been and what he saw in words and pictures. You have to read it, before it is published as a book.

check the color of Gary’s clogs… 🙂

On his website you will learn that Gary lives just north of London in the UK. He has two Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is very fortunate to have been able to retire early, put away his business suits and then do some of the things he wanted to do for years. I did not yet have the chance to meet him, but hope that our Road Kings cross path one day near London.

He is putting a lot of work in his blog, as you will be able to follow on his blog’s map the progress he is making.

I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I do. Bookmark it!!

Gary, have a safe ride…


One Response to “Gary France – his USA Tour on a Road King Classic”

  1. Gary France Says:

    Thanks Axel, I really appreciate that. My new paint job got covered in mud today!! Look for a posting about that very soon!


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