London Midnight Madness

Saturday, 19th June 2010. It was time again for Hogsback Chapter’s annual invasion of the streets of London – with a impressive armada of 40 bikes rumbling up Kings Road, saying hello at Buckingham Palace, invading Covent Garden and then into the City, stopping in front of the stairs at St. Paul’s Cathedral. What a great fun that was…

Meeting was at Rykas, 6:30 pm

via Putney

well protected by the backmarkers

first stop at Buckingham Palace – yes, thats me on the Road King Classic

next stop at Covent Garden

and the – it started getting dark – at St Pauls Cathedral

final destination: Belvedere Road – next to the London Eye, for a fine dinner

More pictures of this ride can be seen in
the Hogsback Chapter picture gallery

Helpful GPS-coordinates in Decimal Minutes:

Buckingham Palace: N51 30.121   W0 8.407

Covent Garden: N51 30.689   W0 7.370

St. Paul’s Cathedral: N51 30.824   W0 5.995

Belvedere Road: N51 30.159   W0 7.066


2 Responses to “London Midnight Madness”

  1. Gary France Says:

    You are really getting into these HOG events now! I am glad that you seem to have embraced the Harley life so quickly!


    • Yes :), the mutation process is rapid but not yet completed, I also start to look less “Goldwing” and more “Harley”. More Leather less Kevlar, more Patches and new boots… and it feels like one starts to spend more money on chrome polish then fuel 🙂

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